Quality of life at work

Well-being at work... everybody is concerned!

Relax, you are at work! Well-being at work - it's possible? Yes ! Reduce stress and increase your employees' performance with massage and relaxation.

Massage Amma Assis - bien-être au travail

Chair massage (Amma). Your company must have.

Fast and effective, it is practiced on ergonomic portable chair and does not require a change of outfit.

Relaxation coréenne au travail

Korean Relaxation. The ultimate anti-stress technique.

Only 30 minutes are needed to offer total comfort to your employees. A bubble of air, a pause. Give them the opportunity to give the best of themselves.

Cohezen Workshops within your company

Korean Relaxation techniques are traditionally used among the family members. The Cohezen Workshops participants work in pairs practicing physical and breathing exercises. The aim is to work the presence, listening, communication, mutual aid and cohesion.

Opening time

Monday from 10h till 18h
Mardi from 10h till 18h
Jeudi from 10h till 18h
Friday de 10h à 20h
Saturday de 10h à 20h


You can enjoy a massage in my Lounge à Coquelles. If you prefer that, I will be pleased to visit you in the comfort of you home or at your office.

Contact information

Adress : 30, rue Chériton, 62231 Coquelles
Phone number :
Mail : littleharmonymassages@gmail.com