Massages bien-être à Coquelles (Calais)

Relax in every single gesture

Little Harmony offers wellness massages issues from traditional protocols.

Massage Suédois pour les sportifs

Swedish Massage "The sporty one"

Répond naturellement au besoins des personnes qui sollicitent leur corps par une activité physique (sport ou activité professionnelle).

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Oil massage on table 1h15
Massage ayurvédique - le thérapeutique

Ayurvedic Massage “The therapeutic”

Rebalances the body's energies by acting both physically and emotionally. Relax deeply.

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Warm Oil massage 1h15
massage amma assis, idéal à tout moment

Chair Massage "Tiny but powerful"

Solicit specific points on upper body and upper limbs. Undoes muscular and nervous tension.

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Ergonomic massage chair 15'
Relaxation coréenne - le yoga du paresseux

Korean Relaxation “Lazy Yogi Massage”

A series of breaths, vibrations, swings and stretching that provides a total appeasement.

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On futon mattress 1 h
Little Harmony Massages - photo Massage Thai

Traditional Thai "The Ancestral"

Health massage
par excellence which softens
body and mind.

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On futon mattress 1h30
Little Harmony Massages - photo Massage Eléphant

The Elephant Massage "The signature"

A real awakening of the senses, a contrasting and rhythmic massage
by an inner journey.

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Warm oil massage on table 1h30
Little Harmony Massages - photo Massage Prénatal

Prenatal Massage "The maternal"

Support you for
a harmonious

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Sur futon ou table à l'huile 1h30

My well-being massages are accessible to everyone. I adapt my offer to your needs whether they are punctual or regular. My services are designed for private or corporate needs.

Customer reviews

"Chair massage Amma, the first massage of my life: experience to renew. 15 minutes of energetic massage and a state of sustainable well-being, next time I try Swedish!"
Hélène G.
The firs massage of my life !
"Agnès really bluffed me with her Korean relaxation session !!! Top! An original, effective relaxation experience .... I'm planning to do it again, thank you Agnès for your professionalism"
Annabelle V.
Bluffed with Korean Relaxation !
"First Swedish massage for me and what else can I say besides that I had a pleasant moment of relaxation in the hands of Agnès! Many physical benefits"
Kévin V.
The first swedish massage.
"Swedish massage ^^ really good! We feel many sensations and it is really great! This massage is very good and Agnes is very nice and gentle! I will return without hesitation !!!!"
Aurelie M.
This massage does a lot of good.
"The Swedish massage, just too good !! A moment of relaxation while keeping a certain tonicity. I recommend it to all and especially to all athletics ;-)"
Karine H.
Swedish massage - tailor made for sportsmen.
"Absolutely perfect Swedish massage, very complete, relaxing, a moment of pure happiness. Massage room that is a very well decorated - puts us in the mood. Very professional, I recommend to 1000%"
Inès D.
Swedish massage: complete, relaxing.

Opening time

Monday from 10h till 18h
Mardi from 10h till 18h
Jeudi from 10h till 18h
Friday de 10h à 20h
Saturday de 10h à 20h


You can enjoy a massage in my Lounge à Coquelles. If you prefer that, I will be pleased to visit you in the comfort of you home or at your office.

Contact information

Adress : 30, rue Chériton, 62231 Coquelles
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