Massage for your physical and mental well-being

Welcome to Little Harmony

Massage and touch in general (used in order to relieve and soothe ), respond to a natural need that is essential to our development .

The approach to physical contact is very different depending on the culture.

In many Asian countries, massage is practiced in the family, event in the street, it is integrated into everyday life.
It is also a part of traditional medicines based on the body energy circulation
Somme techniques like Nuad Bo Rarn (the traditional Thai) are performed in hospitals or in the workplace.

More and more people are turning to these natural techniques in addition our classical medicine care.
Stress, nervous tension, musculoskeletal disorders, chronic diseases tire our body and our mind, cause hormonal upheavals, sleep disorders ...There are many reasons to get a massage.

Man, woman, child, whatever your age, I will advise you the most suitable massage adapted to your needs.

A the Coquelles lounge (near the cité Europe commercial center), at your home or at your workplace, I would be glad to to accompany you in your well-being !

My certificates were all obtained at Ecole AZENDAY, a training center recognized by the French Federation of Well-Being Massages.

Agnès, your practitioner in wellness massages.

Tensions musculaires, stress, anxiété, fatigue, … chaque massage suit un protocole précis pour répondre à ces problématiques. Mes massages sont proposés à l’espace privé de Coquelles, à votre domicile ou en entreprise. 

Quelque soit la technique utilisée, ma pratique s’exerce dans le respect total de l’intégrité physique et morale de la personne. Il ne reste plus qu’à nous rencontrer pour vous offrir cette parenthèse, ce moment de pure détente où que vous soyez…

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Little Harmony's massages follow a precise protocol for your comfort, safety and well-being.

Opening time

Monday from 10h till 18h
Mardi from 10h till 18h
Jeudi from 10h till 18h
Friday de 10h à 20h
Saturday de 10h à 20h


You can enjoy a massage in my Lounge à Coquelles. If you prefer that, I will be pleased to visit you in the comfort of you home or at your office.

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Adress : 30, rue Chériton, 62231 Coquelles
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