Massage at home tailored to your needs

Relaxation that goes on and on ... the 5 best tips for enjoying your massage at home.

  • Think to take a shower - once get rid of dead cells your skin will be more receptive
  • For your comfort warm up your room (ideally 23 ° C) - the temperature of your body will drop while relaxing
  • Avoid nuisances: make sure to have enough free time,turn off the phone
  • Just let go,I take care of everything!
  • Once the massage is over, take your time before getting up. Continue benefiting from this relaxing moment at your home.

I can advise you on the choice of massage that suits your needs.

Opening time

Monday from 9h till 20h
Friday from 9h till 20h
Saturday from 9h till 20h
First Sunday of each month from 10h till 18h


You can enjoy a massage in my Lounge à Coquelles. If you prefer that, I will be pleased to visit you in the comfort of you home or at your office.

Contact information

Adress : 30, rue Chériton, 62231 Coquelles
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